Let’s take away some stress!

There are many ways to model division in a classroom. As I mentioned earlier I will forever stand by using a manipulative to introduce something new in math. It will benefit all of your students to physically see what you are saying when you model it. One of the first examples that I want to share with you can be done by drawing with dry erase markers, with physical blocks, popsicle sticks, same color M&M’s, or even a worksheet that they can color code, really your options for a manipulative are absolutely endless.

math math math.png

Here is one example of using the take away model, and when I learned this model there was this huge relief for me, and there was this take away of stress! J I think what I liked most was that when I learned this method it was in a small group, which was how I learned best, and we all talked through the method after the directions were orally given to us. I was really nervous to try to re-learn this method because


***well since this is my blog and I think that it is important to be honest to the readers who take the time out of their day to read my blog and I have a secret… I failed this class before because I teacher told me I was stupid… literally. I can tell you first hand that sure didn’t motivate me to do math***

I had difficulties with this class before and I really wanted to do well, but I had such a negative stigma towards math and so learning something new, that I had actually already learned but didn’t understand, was extremely intimidating to me. I wanted no part of it. However this particular professor had introduced a manipulative to teach this method and he talked about how useful and simple they are to have in classes. I really like this method simply because it makes me smile because now I understand it, and I want to teach it to everyone because this was my “aha” moment.

math math

If you need a little more help teach students I found that this video is another way to show the take away model


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