Let’s jump into the (Number) line!

Come on everyone, let’s jump into another manipulative to help support learning another way to divide numbers! This method is another great way to show a model of division and multiplication. This is again, a visual aid to help your students see what they are learning. However it can easily be changed into a kinesthetic lesson by having kids jump, or hive high-fives, or sit in groups. This my dear readers is the number line model and I am excited to explain a little bit more about and my experiences with it.


In this picture below it shows how jumps of numbers like 4 jumps of 5 equals 20. When written on paper it would look like 4×5=20. What I have seen done in an elementary classroom to engage all students was the students stood up and they literally jumped their equations in the classroom. This was so amazing to see because it engaged all students and they loved this lesson. Throughout this class when I was working on the online homework I would run into things that I struggled with because it is harder for me to learn online than it is in class because I like the face to face learning and actual conversations.


However when there would be sets I was struggling with and then a problem like the number line ones I would think about how my practicum teacher would use learning styles to her advantage and engage the students. This made me think about what I know about myself and how I learn. It would make me find a different way to think about a difficult problem so that I could understand it and be prepared for it on a quiz. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I wouldn’t have learned this method without a manipulative, and watched a different teacher come up with another manipulative that engaged all the students. I liked the group work that is done in classes so I can have/see the “aha” moment and see what lead me to that so that I can possibly use it for another student if they are struggling.


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