What to take away

First things first I want to thank you for reading my blog. This is my first time doing this and I actually really enjoyed it. If there is anything I want you to take away from my blog posts it’s something that we all know already. It’s that we are all different in many ways. For future educators one of the biggest things I want you to take away is that there are different learning styles and students in your class may have some of the same ones and work well together in groups, or maybe they don’t. It’s important to keep and open mind and stay positive when you start to learn their learning styles because some may surprise you!

I also want you to think about using a simple manipulative when you are teaching lessons because for me it changed my life when it came to math. I know that sometimes it may be more difficult to use them and keep our class on task, but if you explain the importance of them at the beginning of the year it will help you and your students excel so much more! I have seen in it my own practicums and I really want to stress a manipulative because it works! It could be something as simple as introducing online math through something like Kahn Academy in your classroom (in high school, to be done while in class) and not just online games or advancements.

Lastly I want to you encourage you again to keep an open mind when trying different styles of teaching or when you differentiate a lesson for some students. This is also something that is so easy to do and makes the difference. When a professor did this for me, like I said before, it really changed my relationship with math. It’s not my favorite subject by any means, but I no longer hate it because I think I suck at it. I don’t cry myself to sleep at night anymore because I have a test the next day. I simply study and learn in a way that is most beneficial for me because my learning style is my own and I know that about myself.


Thanks for reading, and remember, keep and open mind!



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